Why this site exists

Many customers have dealt with Burleson Consulting over the years and truth be told, some have actually had some good experiences. The ones that have not are many and the truth behind how the consultants are treated is an interesting story. This is known first hand by someone that has worked within the organization as a consultant.

As you talk to people in the world of database technology one thing is well known, you cannot do a Oracle google search for database information without getting Burleson Consulting website, however a big problem that many people have with this is that the information is overwhelmingly inaccurate and outdated. That combined with the condescending attitude of the person that claims to be a database genius, makes for a toxic combination. This combination does not provide a good environment for getting and keeping customers.

Why would this be the case?

First of all Don is a fraud, this is evidenced by the thousands of hours spent by consultants that work as contractors to Burleson Consulting doing the actual work. Everything from creating the web and forum content to courseware material. Consultants are duped into believing Burleson Consulting is really an upstanding organization, their website has numerous articles about how prestigious they are. If you’re a supporter, call them sometime and ask if they have any pending litigation against them for fraud, in fact, check the Greenville, South Carolina legal websites for any suits that may have been filed against Burleson Consulting and Don and Janet Burleson.

Once the process goes along for a while with consultants “believing” that this is a reputable company, they start the absolute criminal activity of deceiving you from your earned money. This continues with a threat of “do not contact the customers “to ask about payments because that will start a war with John Lavender, who is really Janet Burleson’s brother, this is the man solely responsible for most of the lies, when the countless emails of requests asking for the status of client payments are sent the responses can range from the client hasn’t paid yet to no response at all, yes complete darkness. Company policy states that Burleson pays its consultants when clients pay. This is absolute and utter bullsh!t, I have evidence from very large client companies stating in certain cases that their invoices were paid before ever starting the engagement, while the responses to the consultants were that the clients had not paid yet.

Why would this be the case?

As this saga unfolds we will post many additional pieces of information that may be interesting for potential or existing customers and or consultants. Feel free to dispute anything posted here to the contrary as long as it is factual.

to be continued…….

So continuing the saga, Don Burleson, Janet Burleson and Burleson Consulting have been sued, the suit has continued, latest word is that, they lost trying to move the matter to North Carolina, also their attorney they hired in South Carolina filed to be removed from the case.

to be continued…..


One thought on “Why this site exists

  1. I was a consultant for Burleson (until recently, I guess that stopped when I started complaining about not getting paid; clear cut case of breach of contract) and can confirm this (not being paid) is not an isolated case. All I wanted to do (and enjoy) is teach classes. “Hard year” or “drought of payments,” whatever lie or BS being fed to consultants is what passes for how they treat people. It’s actually pretty simple: client pays you, you pay the consultant, do not take the money and play a Ponzi game with it. Travel expense money is money directly out of my pocket, so why are you stealing from me? Thanks for killing off a guaranteed cash cow for you. And Janet’s brother? That would be John “let me check with Janet, she controls the payments” Lavendar. Email him and then hear nothing back from him after repeated emails is par for the course, as is the deafening silence/lack or response from Janet.

    “Working for someone else is the fastest way to stop doing work for us.” Well you know what MF? What about the work I turned down while being loyal to you? And this is how you treat me? You just became my special project.

    I know of at least two other consultants who have been or are in the process of being screwed out of money.

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